November 28, 2010

The Green Chair

When we were expecting Channing, we stumbled across the perfect nursery chair at The Porch in Buffalo, MN.  Upholstered with a green quilt and some modern-ish fabric remnants, it quickly became a fast fixture in our lives.  There were the first nights home, when I would nurse Channing, WM watching over us yet half asleep.  He'd get up with us EVERY time, changing Channing's diaper half way through his meal, then tucking us both carefully back into bed when we were done.  We rocked and loved and healed and shared our way through his first year.  Each month was carefully recorded by a photo in our beloved chair.

Channing marked his second birthday mid-November.  Aunt Kris asked recently where Channing's now annual green chair picture was.  It had yet to arrive in her inbox.  In actuality, it had yet to be taken.  Today, with the light just right and a box of orange tic-tacs in hand, the Year Two portrait was taken.  A few attempts were made to get the 'right' look.  What that is is hard to say.

They're all awfully cute, not that I'm biased.

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Kris said...

These are perfect - exactly what I hoped for :-). Thank you and now if you'd email them to me, I'd be super happy.