November 20, 2010

Morning In All Its Glory

Savor these moments.  The simple ones that sneak in with the morning light and catch you unaware.  Linger over fuzzy pajama'd wee ones as they play together.  Let them overshadow the dark pull of the calendar outlining the week ahead.  A week chalk full of doctor's appointments and therapy appointments with a nurse visit thrown in for good measure.  Nope, don't go there.  Zero in on the dinner reservation for Kozy's on Thursday.  Yep, the easiest Thanksgiving meal ever.  We're going to a restaurant where someone else will stress over the perfect menu, its messes and its clean-up.

Little Sophie Belle spent the afternoon today with Grandma and Grandpa Flynn.  The Model Train Expo was at River Center.  Funny, the crowd it drew.  You were either toting multiple toddlers, trying to convince them to stop whining while the line to ride Thomas the Tank Engine grew longer and longer and moved slower and slower or you were introduced to model trains at a time they were all made of cast iron rather than today's less sturdy plastic models.  Regardless of your era or age, it was a jaw dropping event.  Old or young, the maze of model train displays was wandered, mouth agape.  Channing was no exception to this rule.  (Sorry for the poor quality photos.  They were taken with WM's Blackberry.)

Day's end has returned us to our pj'd state.  A little sister sneaking into bed with big brother.  One minute he's curled around here and lovin' her up.  The next he's decided she needs to share in his love of pacifiers, carefully lining them up on the pillow to ensure she can grab one, or five, as she finds herself in the land of golden slumber.

Good night.

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Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are simply precious! How thoughtful is your sweet son, laying out those pacis for his sister! Melts my heart! I'm not even sure how I stumbled across your blog, but couldn't read about your sweet kiddos without leaving a comment. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!