December 10, 2010

I love my comfy sweater

Remember the Gap Kids commercial from last Christmas?  To refresh your memory, it went something like this:
Formal attire, officially retired.  Hey mom & dad, guess what?  1.  2.  3.  4.  I'm not going to wear it anymore.  I love my comfy sweater.  I love my comfy sweater.  How cute are these boots?  How cute are these boots?  Forget those pearly dresses.  Forget those pearly dresses.  Or talk to the moose.  Ah!  Ah!  A moose!!

Go ahead and click the link above if you want to view it.  Be forewarned, the jingle will once again get stuck in your head.  Really stuck.

Sophie, had she not  wiped herself out with her hard work at PT this morning, would be singing, dancing and generally shaking it around the house to this pretty little ditty.  She donned her comfy sweater for the first time this morning.  The darling shrug Grandma Meredith knitted for her months ago finally, finally fits.  Paired with striped and ruffled pants from grandma's friend, Nancy, and a pair of Paul Frank socks from Aunt Betty, this girl's got it going on.  I imagine post nap, she'll be busting a move.  Channing will too.  He never passes on an opportunity to shake it.  

As for myself, I'll be wishing for a comfy sweater of my own.  It is likely we'll be hunkering down later today to await and subsequently wait out the storm that's headed our way.  11 inches of snow predicted from this evening into tomorrow.  Oh the anticipation of more moments that look like this:

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