December 6, 2010

She Rocked It

Perhaps I'm not the best with analogies, the previous post eliciting a "Huh?" in more than a few instances.  This time, there will be no crazy comparisons or beating around the bush.  I'm just going to come right out and say it.  Sophie rocked Friday's cleft repair.

Wardrobe for post-surgery photo shoot provided by Auntie Kelly.  This shirt says it all.
 We anticipated a surgery time of 2 hours.  Dr. Sidman had things all wrapped up in well under an hour, the post-op report in the waiting room filled with words like 'easiest' and 'couldn't have gone more smoothly'.  The best part so far?  Sophie did well enough after her procedure to be discharged a full day ahead of schedule.

She spent just one night in the hospital, that little girl in a big bed, before arriving home to one excited big brother.  Well, one excited yet easily distracted big brother.  Channing's very into doing 'projects' these days.

Auntie Melissa gifted him a goodie bag filled with projects which prompted him to drag a very willing Papa to the dining room table.  "Come Papa.  Projects.  Projects!"  Let me tell you, this kid's got mad skills when it comes to putting stickers on things.

Sophie didn't want to be outdone by her big brother.  She pulled out all the stops and showed of some mad skills of her own, holding up her head like the big girl she's becoming.  She knows how to make this momma proud.

Doesn't this look say, "I rocked it!"?

Yes, this photo is terribly blurry.  However, as the first smile captured on camera, it had to be shared.


KC said...

love love LOVE the sophie smile. and the faceful of stickers channing planted on grandpa. do not so much like that they couldn't find a peds crib for sophie at the hospital. but it doesn't matter 'cuz you all rocked it.

Pat & Amy Plus 1 said...

I was on the Designer Blog site filling out my order form and looking at blogs theyve previously designed in order to get an idea of what I liked and came across yours. I just have to say that your children are so beautiful! And Sophie is such a strong baby girl! I'll keep your family in my prayers :)