March 22, 2011

Breaking Ground

It's started.  Yesterday, they broke ground at our new house.  We made a point of driving by on our way to the Y.  The day was not the idyllic, picturesque sort of day I'd hoped for.  I've been to our lot in the early morning light, the mist rising from the ground, the palest of light from the sun, frosting the trees and everything else it touches in glimmering yellow splendor.  Of course, on that glorious morning, I wasn't prepared.  I only had my mental camera on me.


Regardless of the dreary, grey weather the scene was photo worthy.  Channing was beside himself with excitement as he safely stood in the backseat watching the excavator scoop and move and dig in the dirt.  His Buddy was with.  He excitedly exclaimed, 'Watch this, Buddy!' over and over, pointing at the large, yellow machinery.  'Big guys working hard.'  Yes indeed they were.

In just three hours, the hole for the foundation was complete.  By the end of the day, the footings were in too.  The foundation will be poured this week, next week the walls start going up and in nine short days, the house will be framed.

The mental decorating has begun in earnest.  I'm on the prowl for the perfect, large and ornate frame to rest upon the buffet top in the transition between the kitchen and dining rooms.  I've mentally purchased the right buffet and have altered it enough to make it look less mass produced and more Flynn Family.  The hunt is on.

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Mysie said...

Auntie H,
Andrew has decided you have a real dilemma on your hands. At first, he was hoping you'd build your house out of bricks (not straw or twigs) so the wolves will stay out. But now he's concerned a brick house would attract green pigs who would in turn attract birds bombing the house like crazy.
I pray you and WM will use wisdom in considering your building materials and hope that the only wild, crazy beasts in your home are Flynns or a similar species.
Love ya,