April 5, 2011

Too Much

Lovely, isn't it?  Spring is starting to make its presence known.  The frogs have started their chorus with the  red wing blackbirds chiming in now and then, sure signs warmer weather is on the way.  Channing is already asking for his swimming pool to be filled.  Soon, little buddy.  Soon.

In the meantime, we're filling our days with buckets of sidewalk chalk and golfing outdoors rather than in the living room and running down the grassy hill outside the dining room window.  The trike has come out of hibernation and glides just as easily down the slope of the driveway this year as it did last year.  

Despite the intermittent April showers, construction at the new house is still right on schedule.  We popped over there again tonight to find the roof trusses are up, half the sheeting is on, the plumbing is roughed-in for the lower level bath and laundry rooms and the concrete has been poured.  Surprisingly, all that has happened in just the past two days.  

That and Channing has decided that he loves us too much.  He gets this wistful sort of look in his eyes, starts rubbing our back or playing with our ears and hair, pauses for the briefest of moments before declaring, 'Me love you too much.'  The sincerity with which he says it is astonishing, perhaps breath taking.  I instantly forgive him for getting me up three times in the night, for kicking the bathroom door the entire time I'm in the shower and for eating half of my super-sized watermelon LipSmackers lip balm.  Instantly.  

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Melissa said...

Love it! You have one sweet boy on your hands :)