August 28, 2011

Up-Down, 'Round and 'Round

Wednesday this week, we found ourselves at Como Park with Kendra and Libby.  There was a flurry of text messages just prior.  A 'what day are you free this week?' followed by a confirmation of time, date and place.  Zoo photos never turn out the way they do in my head.  They're noisy and taken from bad angles and do little to convey the awe and wonder on little faces as big, big, giant animals mostly just sit and stare back.  

However, if you give this kid a foot-long corn dog.  Well, you can see for yourself.  It's pure pleasure with extra ketchup making for one very blog worthy photo.

Our impromptu picnic wrapped up with a mini facial mid-Gogurt for Kendra and was followed by a ride on the carousel.  

Channing excitedly held onto his ticket while waiting his turn in line.  Once he got up on his horse though, his excitement wavered a little.  As he went up-down and round and round, he reached his little arms around my neck, trying to climb down once or twice.  

Of course, as soon as the ride was over he asked to do it again.  As usual, my answer was, 'we will little buddy.  we will.'

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