October 23, 2011

It's Electric

We came together as seven women should, taking great delight in the unknown and the unexpected.  The anticipation was electric right up to the moment the key turned in the lock at the Shangri La, our home away from home.  We had arrived.  Nieces Trip 2011.  Nassau, Bahamas.  

Aunt Kris did her utmost to ensure we would want for nothing during this week.  She lavished us with unending generosity, no detail left unattended.  We ate.  We drank.  We took in the sights.  There were a few terrifying moments involving the jitney (bus), the (not so) lazy river and a shark or two.  There were many more moments where that relaxed feeling overcame us and we slipped into that place of total contentment.  

Enjoying a pool-side drink at the Atlantis.  Needed to settle our nerves after our not-so-lazy river ride.

Collecting shells and walking along Jaws Beach, the site where the movies were filmed.

The view from the top of the Queen's Staircase.  Part of our island tour courtesy of Chef Marci.

There were several of us who never showered in the house.  Nope. Not once.

For one bliss filled week, we lived in the sunshine, swam in the sea and drank in the wild air.  We've now returned.  Renewed.  Refreshed.  Reverently grateful for the time we shared.  


Anonymous said...

Well said Hol! It was a fabulous week, one not to be topped maybe even in this lifetime :) So glad we were there together and shared that glorious row in first class on the way home. Much love. Melissa

Nellie Dee said...

How glorious. Love the pictures. Love the verbage.