December 13, 2011

A Thousand Words

I should really write something one of these days.  It's been terribly long since last I posted.  Stuff has happened.  Lots of stuff.  Photos were taken to preserve the memories.  The writing part...Well, that seems to be where I'm stuck.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll let the photos do the talking this time around.  

Hot and tasty treats courtesy of Kathy.  She served 'em up while most of the sewing club ladies worked on holiday themed hot pads.  The pair with the holly are the one I made.  Get it?  Holly.  There are times I just can't help myself.

While the mamas sewed, the wee folk worked on crafts.  Felt reindeer ornament craft kits kept little hands just as busy as the bigger ones.  If you ask Channing, his reindeer is actually a zebra.  Notice the one black stripe?  That was a left over bit of antler.  

I found these sweet treats on Pinterest and just had to make them when the high school girls came over for our annual ornament exchange.  Channing was more than willing to lend a hand.  For once, the majority of the candy ended up on the goodies instead of in his belly.  And once again, he used his own best judgement when placing the decorations.  A three-horned reindeer with two noses?  Why not?

We did a little painting too.  A hand print globbed onto a glass sphere with a few small details thrown in quickly turns into a happy family of snowmen.  A few of our ornaments took on the appearance of spring thaw.  The colors may have been muddied together into a lovely shade of brown that colored more of the hand print than not.  Whatever.  We're going with it.  With this project, it was a whole lot less about the end result and a whole lot more about working together and making 'a big, giant, giant mess.'  We definitely accomplished that.  

And there you have it, in several thousand words, give or take a few.  

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