January 8, 2012

365 Project-Week 1

This is the year I will participate in the 365 Project.  Not familiar with it?  It's quite simple, really.  Document a year of your life by taking a photograph a day.  

Joey chuckled when he heard my announcement.  'The 365 Project, huh?  Meaning:  You will take a photo of Channing every day.'  He's right.  Channing will likely be in the majority of the photos.  In my book, there's nothing wrong with that.  As a subject matter, he pushes the limits of my creativity as much as anything else would.  

So here it is.  The 365 Project-Week 1.

1.  Taking down the Christmas tree  2.  Playing Legos with WM  3.  Blowing bubbles at swimming lessons
4.  Launching rockets in the living room  5.  Eating string cheese with Joey  6.  Helping Grandma with Sudoku
7.  Sweet feet raising a little guy up just enough to eat at the kitchen counter


Anonymous said...

I did that in 2009. I loved it and yes, most of my pictures were of Luke. But now I can look back and see how much he has changed 3 years later. It was the perfect year to do because it was the last half of preschool and the first half of Kindergarten. Priceless! You will be so happy you did it.


Anonymous said...

Love it! I need to do thid project, too...if only I had that camera I want so badly ;) Keep the pics coming! Melissa