January 15, 2012

365 Project-Week 2

I'm liking this 365 Project.  It keeps me mindful, trying to anticipate those moments that demand to be captured.  Week 2 is already done.  Just 50 more to go.  Somehow that doesn't seem like very many.  Not many at all.  Perhaps it is because I am aware of so much that is to come.  Perhaps it is because I am willing time to pass quickly, excited and anxious to meet the newest Flynn and to be much, much farther into this journey called cancer.  

 Without further ado, I give to you the 365 Project, Week 2.

1.  A banana for our little monkey  2.  Getting ready to shave like daddy  3.  Serger scraps from sewing club
4.  Crayon rainbow on a gloomy day  5.  Channing learned how to use chopsticks  6.  Lookin' good
7.  Happy 30th birthday to my brother-in-law Jesse

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Great pic of Channing and the chopsticks...love how you used the reflection in the counter. You should teach a photography class :)