January 30, 2012

Project 365-Week 4

Since sharing the most recent chapter in the crazy story I know as my life, family, friends and even complete strangers have been quick to share words of encouragement, offer help for when times get tough and to lift us up in hope and in prayer.  People have not only been generous with time, spirit and love, but in fun and unexpected ways too.

The mailman has started ringing the bell at our front door with more frequency.  Melissa started the trend with her wall hanging that reads We Can Do Hard Things.  Right on, Mel.  She knows it.  We have.  We can.  Aunt Kris surprised our family with Healthy Holly spirit bands.  They're now scattered from New Mexico to Ohio including lots of places in between.  Melinda sent a painted canvas.  I don't know if I was more touched by the verse on the canvas or the words on the enclosure that read 'The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have found their way out of the depths.  These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern.  Beautiful people do not just happen.'  Really?  Someone speaks those words in reference to little old me?  I am stunned.  I feel empowered.  I am reminded once again I can do this.  I can beat this ugly thing called cancer.  

The most unique gift so far?  From WM.  A 24K gold dipped peanut.  Yes, a real peanut.  If you shake it, you can hear the nuts rattle inside the shell.  It's in honor of our newest peanut.  I held it tightly in my hand at our first ultrasound on Wednesday, silently pleading 'please be OK.  please be OK' as the first images of Baby Flynn appeared on the monitor.  

When Sophie became our bitty angel last February, Kathy asked if she could give to me a piece of ruby jewelry (Sophie's birth stone) to wear in her honor.  I was to select the piece.  To make a very long story short, it wasn't until last fall that I found a necklace I was happy with.  However, the artist who designed it was not able to create it in white gold as I desired.  I was crushed to say the very least.  Skipping ahead, Kathy connected with Justin Koop, the son-in-law of Terry, one of her dear Cincinnati friends, in October.  He assured her the necklace could be created by Koop Diamond Cutters.  She and I were both amazed and excited.  I was shaking as, just before Christmas, I opened the folio that contained my Sophie necklace.  I was stunned.  The necklace was just how I intended for it to be, an imperfect circle with a tiny ruby dangling, off-center, just inside the edge.  Yes, it's fancy, but I do wear it most days and most especially on the days I go to the doctor be it the OB, the oncologist or the surgeon.  

Where am I going with this story?  Somewhere.  A surprising and good somewhere.  

Kathy called last Tuesday.  Could she come by the house after Channing's nap?  She had something she just had to give me.  She'd been teasing me for quite some time with regard to 'something sewing related' that she'd ordered online.  I figured it was finally, finally here and she was just too excited to wait to share it.  Channing and I were home.  There was plenty of time before his nap.  Sure.  Come on over!

She walked in a half hour later, a FedEx box in one hand, her camera in the other.  She barely said hello, just said to wait to open the box until her camera was on and ready.  This must be some incredible sewing greatness if it deserves a photo upon discovering what it actually is.  

This is what I found:

Nope.  This gift has nothing whatsoever to do with sewing.  Nothing.  Aren't they beautiful? I like the note that accompanied them.  "Extra power."  I'll take all the extra power I can get.  Every bit helps.  I'm still shaking my head in disbelief a week later.  Complete disbelief.  Justin, the mere words Thank You do not do the sentiment I hold in my heart justice, but I thank you just the same.  When we visited her Wednesday, my OB noticed them immediately.  She was visibly touched when I told her their story and agreed they do hold special power as she reviewed the first photos of Baby Flynn.  She raved over how pleased she was with regard to Baby's images, growth and strong, steady heartbeat.  

1.  Channing loves when the packages arrive too.  Most contain 'poppers'.  2.  Putting banana chap stick
on Daddy after he arrived home from NM  3.  Going for a ride at the MN Zoo  4.  All the ingredients for Kelli's
tasty Taco Soup  5.  Wrestling with WM.  For the record, WC won.  6.  Making diabetic strawberry banana cookies.
Good in theory.  They didn't taste very good when all was said and done.  7.  An attempt at a self portrait.  

I tried to take a picture of myself wearing my new earrings and sporting my new, short, in-anticipation-of-chemo 'do as part of the 365 Project this week.  Let's just say, I need a bit of practice in that regard.  Some people seem to have the knack for it.  Me?  I do not.  I definitely do not.  


Leanne said...

I noticed your earrings yesterday! They are beautiful and I love the story behind them. Take all the extra power you can get :-)

Lynnea said...

Beautiful earrings and story! It warmed my heart. With regard to the self portraits, I believe Shanda may give lessons. ;)

Melissa said...

Love the earrings! And your new do :) Bring on the hard stuff-you are ready! Love you...

Melissa said...

And I still need that soup recipe ;)