April 21, 2012

Red Umbrella-Chemo Round II

Yesterday, it was back to the infusion center for round two of my chemo.  It was rather uneventful.  My labs looked great.  The routine was the same.  I didn't even bother to bring the camera.  Although, I could have taken a lovely photo of Hali, my nurse, holding out my rainbow colored assortment of popsicles.  I think I ate one of every color while she injected two of the three drugs into my IV.

To clear the chemo cobwebs, we went for a post-dinner walk at the nature preserve down the street.  Dusk was falling quickly upon us as we arrived, the redwing blackbirds greeting us with a chorus of song.  

Channing threw sticks and rocks off the bridge.  He ran excitedly along the path through the tall grass and managed to talk WM into a shoulder ride or two.

We returned to the car as the sun started to dip below the trees, refreshed and ready for bed.  

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Nellie Dee said...

Yes to healthy Holly!