June 18, 2013

Going Mobile

Ha. Just figured out Blogger has an app. This will be a first. Mobile blogging. Love it!!  Truly, I'm not mobile. Wish I could say I was blogging from the park while the kiddies run and play. 

It's not that exciting around here today. We walked around the neighborhood this morning stopping to wave at the excavator operator and for Channing to play farmer. Today, on the farm, he had cheese, vinegar and tacos for sale. Darn. I was really hoping for watermelon. 

After Maxwell's morning nap, we headed off to swimming. This mama loves, loves, loves that the big brother is obsessive about helping with the little brother. Nope, no picture of Channing with diaper cream up to his elbows, grinning from ear to ear, after Channing changed Maxwell's diaper last night. (I guess I shouldn't have joked that it was HIS turn to change a dirty diaper for a change.) But, I do have pictures like this:

Yes, that's Channing pushing Maxwell on our walk to swimming lessons. He ran as fast as his little legs could go down each stretch of the sidewalk, pausing carefully at each crosswalk. He'd wait patiently for a 'go ahead' from me, then confidently start out again. It made no difference that he could hardly see where he was going. He was determined. 

I think we finally turned a corner at swimming lessons. New school + new teacher = adjustment period.   Today, among other things, they worked on swimming underwater. Channing immediately likened it to playing dolphin and trainer. He's a pretty impressive little dolphin. 

Max, always dressed the part, watched happily from his BarcaLounger er...stroller. Those pants just kill me. Channing picked out the fabric. I whipped them up on Saturday. I've been singing Yellow Submarine ever since. And now you are too. Glad I'm no longer alone. 

Speaking of alone, it's quiet here. Both boys have fallen fast asleep. I can hear my sewing machine beckoning from downstairs. I'd best heed the call.  There are mountains of projects to get done. They're not going to sew themselves. 

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