July 7, 2013

Sparkle & Splash

Well, technically, it was the other way around.  First, we splashed.  Then, we sparkled.  For the 4th of July, we stuck close to home.  Mom & Dad are in town for the week.  They helped us load the kiddies, towels & beach blanket into the car by mid-morning & we headed to Heart of the City in Burnsville once again.  Our crazy and adventurous boys cannot get enough of the water feature there.  

We squirted, splashed, explored & snacked our way through the better part of the morning.  Dad treated us all to Caribou.  WM & WC, guns blazing, chased each other up and down the river over and over again.  

As we were packing up, I found a ladybug and shared it with Channing for just a minute or two.  He was delighted to see his 'little friend' and promised to return soon for more play. 

Walt, Kath & Joe joined us in the evening.  After dinner, we gathered on the driveway to enjoy s'mores, sparklers & an assortment of fireworks.  

Channing made sure glow sticks were passed out to all in attendance.

He took great pleasure in lighting sparkler after sparkler, going through no less than four boxes all by himself. 

The day passed exactly as I wanted it to, in the company of family.  Surgery the next day was looming over me.  All the business was just the distraction I needed.

selfie via instagram
I'm home now.  Surgery went well.  I've got new boobs and no ovaries.  I'm continuing to heal, to renew and refresh.  Woot!  


Nellie Dee said...

We rejoice with you Holly and pray for a speedy recovery!

kelly said...

Looks like you had a fun yet relaxing holiday! Hope you're still recovering well! (: