March 7, 2015

What To Do

OK.  So my renewed efforts at blogging fell a wee bit short.  Life happens.  Fast.  I just get caught up in the moment.  Much time passes and a blog post playing catch up (again) seems rather lame.  But, here I am.  Digital files finally dumped from the camera to the computer.  Ready to share.  

We've been cooped up.  The scooters, strider bike, wheelie turtle and in-line skates are permanent fixtures in the kitchen/dining room.  I tried to take a selfie while riding the scooter in the scooter/ride-on turtle parade I had with the boys one evening.  It was simply a blur.  We did have some bitterly cold but brilliantly sunny afternoons spent wheeling about.  It was grand.  And warm.  We like warm.

And then, on a recent day off from school, Megan popped over for the afternoon.  We got caught up in art and snacks.  Jim had to call and ask for her back.  We simply lost track of time.  Watercolor + washi tape + popcorn = good fun.

And then, Channing had two celebrations at school that needed special attire.  He celebrated the 100th Day of School and, the following week, he celebrated Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character Day.  I whipped up the shirt and the Cat In The Hat costume.  In hindsight, I should have photographed the process.  Both were easily done and the How To would have been worth sharing.  

And then,  Kelly & her sweet family paid an impromptu, week-long visit.  I hardly picked up the camera.  We were simply too busy having fun.  I did, however, make a point of taking pictures of Little Lil with the quilt Grandma Kathy made for her.  Sweet.  Both Lil and the quilt.

And then, we tackled another Kiwi Crate.  I seriously love them.  The boys do too.  I usually let them choose just one activity from the box to prolong the fun.  This day, they did both projects in rapid succession.  My little bakers made chef hats & aprons and then 'baked' cakes.  

And then, because not everyone follows along on Instagram, these things happened too.  

Max is in perpetual motion.  Whether he's on his own during school hours or Channing is around to egg him on.  This boy does not.  stop.  moving.   
Kath & I are part of the Bag of the Month Club.  This is January's BOTM.  I think, for now, we're skipping February and moving right along to March.  The March pattern is by NoodleHead.  I [heart] NoodleHead patterns.  
My justification for this is that it's 'healthy'  And by 'healthy', I mean it has fewer calories than regular peanut butter, plain almond butter or Nutella.  It's great on toast with bananas or berries, better in a smoothie and better still eaten with a spoon.
OK.  Maybe he will sit still.  But only for this.  'Me play choo-choo, Mama.' 
Sometimes the boys from down the street come to play as their mom and dad play Two Ships Passing In The Night.   On their most recent visit, there was a fabulous hour of Lego collaboration. 
One afternoon I went into Maxwell's room to wake him from his nap.  All I could see were his sweet little toes peeking out from under his quilt.  This was one of those moments I knew I would miss terribly at the very same moment it was happening.  That feeling hit me like a ton of bricks.  Why do they grow up so fast??

Channing has mastered the fine art of making Jell-O.  He likes picking a flavor to match whatever he is wearing.  

Maxwellie is still having a bang-up time at MacPhail Center for Music.  On this particular day, we played both the spoons as well as pots & pans.   
I have a confession.  I like ball fringe.  I would put it on EVERYTHING if I could get away with it.  Since I can't, I put some on this St. Patty's Day pillow I pieced together in the last week or so.  
Which brings us to today.  I'm sitting here in my very sunny office with no less than four sewing machines at my back, the cursed coverstitch machine is taunting me as neither Kath nor I can figure out how to get the silly thing to work properly, a mountain of fabric is waiting to be refolded and stashed, muslin and a skirt pattern are at the ready and I've got a hankering for a 'quick fix' sewing project.  Yet a gallon of 'Dewy' paint is whispering from the corner, 'Forget the sewing projects.  Pick me.'  

What to do...what to do...

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Brendan Murphy said...

Love the fresh popcorn and the "everlasting" sponge cake! Keep blogging - we're big fans!