January 7, 2011

Daddy Shirt

Channing is head over heals in love with his daddy.  Head over heals.  It melts my heart to watch him emulate the man I fell in love with long ago and the man he so adores.  He is also starting to exert his independence when it comes to many, many things-getting dressed, walking down the stairs, cutting his food and the like.  'Myself' has become one of his favorite words.  

Channing demanded his picture be taken in his Daddy Shirt.
He was insistent that a photo also be taken of his beloved paci.
In the mad rush to get organized yesterday morning, Sophie & I heading to OT at the Courage Center, WC readying himself for a play date with Grandma Kathy, I gave Channing a friendly push in the direction of his room with instructions to pick out a shirt.  

He opened the drawer and pulled out the button down he wore on Christmas Eve.  'Daddy shirt,' he announced.  His little face beamed with pride once said shirt was buttoned and a pair of jeans slipped on.  He knew he was looking good.  Passing on the offer of socks, he scampered downstairs to watch out the window for Grandma.  

As I was tucking the appropriate extras for Sophie into the diaper bag-diapers, an outfit, burp clothes, etc., Channing announced he was going back upstairs.  He returned looking quite dapper and much like his daddy.  The red, silk tie he'd received for Christmas haphazardly slung around his neck.  That's not to say WM would ever look haphazard in his shirt and tie.  He's dashing in every way.  However, one could easily and honesty say his sensibility for mixing plaids, stripes and patterns is his own.  Well, was his own.  Apparently, Channing is following very closely in his footsteps.

Don't you love that the tie is backwards?  It was off and on several times throughout the day.
Each time it was put back on, it was still right-side-in.  

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Melissa said...

Looking like the handsome man you are WC! Love Melissa

I love you. Love Ava