January 12, 2011

When Joy Overflows

Great magic happens when joy overflows.  Laughter effervesces out of little bellies.  It seeps into the empty places amid tangled arms and legs and is flung wildly about as dresses twirl.  

Kendra and Libby visited Monday much to our delight.   Channing borrowed a dress from Libby.  Libby borrowed a hat from Sophie.  

Dress-up resulted in a quick Green Chair photo shoot, jumping on the bed, a wrestling match, a pretend nap and laughter.  

Peels of laughter.  The kind that makes your cheeks ache and takes your breath away.  Even after their mid-afternoon departure, when the house fell silent and both babes were sleeping, it lingered, that crackle of magic sparked by wee ones at play.  

1 comment:

KC said...

Hahaha...I am kind of surprised WM didn't make you put a more in depth explanation or disclaimer in that post explaining Channing's dress wearing.