April 12, 2011


Today, the plan was to get to the gym early.  Channing wanted to play soccer.  I wanted to get in a little me time that involved physical activity.  There was a brief window allowed for making myself presentable and off to The Johnson's we'd go.  At 9:30 Channing had a play date with Ruby & Kayla.

Alas, after several days of the dirtiest diapers EVER, a low-grade fever made an appearance after yesterday's nap.  It's decided it would like to stay, much to my dismay.  Our day should have been filled with the sounds of little kid laughter.  Instead, it looks something like this.

We are trying to make the best of it.  WC's happy to be wearing nothing but his diaper, occasionally perking up enough to exclaim, 'Me run naked!' and make a mad dash across the living room two or three times before the comfort of the couch and his new pal, Stanley, lure him back in.  

Funny that in his sickness, he's feeling photogenic.  This photo was by request.  His request.  He was quite insistent that I take a picture of his toes.  

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Melissa said...

We hope Channing is feeling better...missing all of your beautiful faces at Horseshoe this weekend.