April 27, 2011


We frequently play the 'where are you' game around here.  The rules are quite simple.  One person says, "Channing, where are you?" in that sing-song voice we all know so well, and Channing, from wherever the hiding place of the moment is, giggles.  Quite often, he's in plain sight, hiding behind his own two hands.  Obviously, if he can't see you, you can't see him.  That being said, the question of the last two weeks is, Spring were are you??  With the exception of Sunday, it's been unseasonably cold and rainy.  Sometimes snowy.  Yes, snowy.  

Tonight, I'm off to a Twins game with Aunt Kris provided it doesn't get rained out.  43 degrees and rain.  Brrr...The cold is settling into my bones just thinking about it.  We'll make the most of it, though I think our beverage of choice will end up being hot chocolate rather than a cold, crisp beer.  

Our future kitchen and dining rooms.

Our upstairs family room.

Follow me!

Despite the bad weather, the house is coming along at lightening speed.  The exterior has been sealed and has been awaiting the siding for some time now.  I'm excited to see it in all its beautiful, red glory amongst the sea of beige, taupe and yes, more beige that currently swirls down our block.  It's a little bland.  Inside, the drywall is up, has been taped, mudded and sanded.  Channing has become quite the little tour guide, excitedly showing anyone who will follow along where his bathroom and bedroom are upstairs and where the toys will go downstairs.  Truth be told, his favorite place is currently the garage.  He run circles, kicking up dust as he goes, a look of pure delight on his face.

Love that look.  Love it.

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Melissa said...

Love the dusty knees! I cannot believe how far the house has come! How exciting for you all...can't wait to see it in person.