May 9, 2011

Doctor's Orders

The sun is out.  We're having a pleasant late afternoon/evening out on the deck, reading Real Simple and dreaming of all the ways to make new our house feel like home.  The Serena & Lily catalogue arrived too.  If only their bedding didn't cost a small fortune, their furniture too for that matter.  There are a couple items that make my heart beat a little faster.  

Morning rain and ick kept us indoors.  We painted a duck all sorts of fun hues.  Grandma Kathy gifted this little guy to Channing after her Tybee Island vacation.  He turned out fabulously, a floating work of art! 

I want flowers for on our deck.  I want them so badly I can smell them.  No wait, it isn't my imagination, I'm catching just a slight scent of apple blossom on the spring breeze.  Channing will LOVE going to Cal's and picking things out.  He gave me a fuschia as one of my Mother's Day gifts.  Bright pink and purple.  Lovely.  Just lovely.  Well, until the wind knocked it over last night.  The pot shattered.  I need to get to Target or somewhere and get a new one.  FAST!  Before my little beauty dries out.

Speaking of little beauties, check these out.  I know I shouldn't be tooting my own horn, especially not on my very own blog, but I'm proud of my handiwork and the high that comes from a weekend in the woods pursuing creative endeavors amongst great teachers, mentors and new friends has made me bold.  I escaped to a retreat on the river with Angie and several of her scrapbooking friends for a couple days of creativity, wine, tasty food and good company.  Doctor's orders.  That's one Rx I would be happy to refill.  

And, a blog post just wouldn't be a blog post these days without mentioning the progress on our house.  Check this out!

Isn't she lovely?  I [heart] the barn red siding and how the stone and the cedar gables accent it perfectly.  Inside, we're seeing red too.  Rouge to be exact.  Our kitchen cabinets have been installed.  Cherry cabinets with a rouge finish.  Construction is at a standstill while we wait for the paving crew to bring the road through our neighborhood.  Now, if only this afternoon's break in the rain and gloomy weather would last for the next two weeks.  


The Bruns Girls said...

I am jealous of your natural scrapbooking abilities. Superb...absolutely superb!

KF said...

Fabulous! You have found ANOTHER calling! Love the scrap book pages, makes my heart smile... berry sweet. I'm off to bake cookies. Love you!