May 14, 2011

[beep beep]

Our dining room has turned into a robot factory.  As fast as I can crank them out on the Cricut, Michael & Channing are gluing little paper robots together.  Is everyone as fortunate as I to have a husband who will actually sit and glue together little bits of paper and scraps of whatnot for an entire evening to keep his favorite little guy entertained?  I thank my lucky stars every time this happens.  Every time.  

We made these:

Channing obsessed over the puppy bot initially.  This morning, I whipped up the 3D guy.  OK.  I shouldn't say whipped up.  It took close to an hour.  Well worth the $2 and change in paper for the hours of entertainment that this little guy has provided Channing today.  He's loved him and kissed him and taken him for a ride in an airplane like daddy does it and taught him to kick a ball and introduced him to a plethora of other stuffed animals and toys that reside in Channing's toy bin.  

Again, he's made of paper.  PAPER.  And it has been HOURS since he came into our world.  There is not a single wrinkle or scratch or scuff on his perfect paper being.  Channing's been incredibly careful with him.  I'm waiting to see how far this will go and wondering if the next time we decide to leave the house, Robot will need to come with.  I can already picture Channing gently clinging to Robot as we push the cart through Target and pick out books at the library.

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