May 19, 2011

Bobot Papa

Channing was still on his bobot (robot) kick Monday when Papa & Grandma stopped by on their way through town.  Not only did Channing show Papa & Grandma the paper bobots he made at the bobot factory with factory foreman, Daddy, he convinced his loving, doting grandparents to play bobot the only way he knows how-with a bucket on the head.  It doesn't matter the shape of the bucket.  In playtimes past, he's unceremoniously dumped his Rubbermaid full of trains and tracks and wooden farm animals on the floor, only to don the bin, exclaiming, 'Me a bobot!'  

I'm not entirely sure how I managed to take the pictures of Grandma and Papa playing along with this game.  The laughter that rolled from my belly made the tears stream down my face and took my breath away.  Truly.  I laughed that hard.  

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