May 22, 2011


We went to REI to pick up a birthday gift for Uncle Joe.  Upon entering, a salesperson asked if he could assist us in any way.  Channing promptly replied, 'Me get a backpack a Uncle Joey,' and marched determinedly past said salesperson on his quest.  Channing hadn't been to this Target before.  Yes, we go to Target so much that Channing thinks any retail store is Target.  It was quite the little adventure.

We checked out the great sleeping bear and spooky old tree in the children's area, climbing the stairs, but declaring the tree and bear too spooky and keeping a safe distance away from them.  

From the play area, we made our way to the Wall of Backpacks.  Fortunately, Joe had a specific request.  Otherwise, we might still be at REI standing there dumbstruck and wondering how in the world to choose just the right one.  The requested Surge was available in a vibrant red, yellow & purple combo or in a more subtle red & grey.  Channing chose the latter and insisted in putting it on straight away.  He then meandered through the store smiling and waving at everyone he saw, exclaiming, 'Me got a new backpack a Joey!'   

We paused in front of the mirror by the fitting rooms just long enough for Channing to admire himself.

Oh yes, he wore it all the way through the store and right through the checkout process, refusing to take it off for it to be rung up.  The easy solution to that was to put him on the checkout counter.  I think we amused more than a few of REI's patron's that afternoon.

After checkout, it was requested that we march across the bridge one last time.  March.  March.  March.  As Channing stood on the bench watching the waterfall and trying to see fishies in the pond, this mama caught a glimpse of life four or five years from now, her little guy, not so little anymore, donning a pack of his own and with that same determination setting out to see the world that kindergarten has to offer, making a few new friends along the way.

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Nellie Dee said...

Very delightful post, Holly. I love the "reflective" photo and realization. Time indeed will go fast.