May 25, 2011

A Spring Day with Channing

Aunt Kris here, trying a guest post.  Please don't have expectations that this will be as well written or creative as Holly's posts - it won't be anywhere close.

But, I spent some time with my great-nephew on Saturday and took some pictures that I feel are Fresh Picked Blog worthy so Holly has graciously let me post them here.

The afternoon started with Channing throwing a ball into the air, to himself, despite me yelling, "Throw it here, throw it to me, let's play catch."  He was almost in a trance

Until Grandma came out and offered him the pruning shears...oh, boy, scissors!  But he was very careful and focused as he trimmed a few dead branches (and a bit of new growth, much to his Papa's dismay).  He eventually got frustrated, though, and started pulling the plants out by hand, which he then handed to his Grandma.

Then the trouble started.  He ran behind a tree to "hide" and then invited me to go for a walk, which really meant run.  Having recently wrenched my knee I had trouble keeping up but I sure enjoyed trying.

We stopped along the way so I could teach him how to blow away a dead dandelion, which didn't work so good with air so he tried spit.  He didn't enjoy that so much so he took off running again.

I kept asking, "Where are we going, it seems to me that you have a destination in mind?"  He didn't answer, just kept saying, "'Mon" in that very cute way of his.  Finally, I said, "Are we going to the park?"  And he said, "Ok!"  It was so cute - little stinker.

We eventually turned around and when he got back to Grandma's he was very pleased to see a few newly acquired friends, including a snowman.

The grill was going, Uncle Joey taught him how to open the screen door and, somehow, he talked Mom into putting leaves on her head (and a few on his, which made him giggle).

The perfect Saturday ended with Grandma letting him blow out the candles and pick candies off of her belated tiramisu birthday cake that Aunt Kelly arranged for the party.

All in all, a good day for Channing Flynn (and the rest of us).  If you made it this far, thanks for reading.

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Michael said...

Great post Aunt Kris!