May 28, 2011

Three Stitches & One Popsicle Later

A visit to the ER is not necessarily the way one would choose to start their Saturday morning.  Alas, a stumble and a head-long tumble into the coffee table and that's exactly where we found ourselves.  Poor Channing.

He was a trooper, playing games on the iPad and quickly learning how to work the TV in his room.  He even managed to quell his tears long enough to ask, 'Almost done?' a couple of times as the doctor hurriedly worked to stitch Channing's eyebrow back together.

Two hours, three stitches & one grape popsicle later, we're home.  


Auntie Kelly said...

What a big tough guy! Lots of hugs and kisses from Auntie Kelly, Uncle Andy and Anderson!

The Bruns Girls said...

Good thing you got your 2 1/2 year photo's done before today! Although, you would probably be able to Photoshop out the bandaid and stiches thanks to your new photo class and Mamarazzi. Hope the big guy is well on the mend, showing off his ouchie to anyone and everyone.