June 6, 2011


All of a suden, life has been carried away on a wave of golden sunlight and laughter.  Spring has morphed into summer.  Dappled, pink apple blossoms have given way to rich, vibrant greens.  Little boy laughter skips about, a constant tune that hums just above the beat of running feet, the pitter patter of which is often muffled by a carpet of grass.  

In recent days, we visited the MN Landscape Arboretum in Chanhassen with Uncle Joe and Auntie-to-Be Cassie.  The rain held off long enough to tromp with great determination through the woods, chase geese, run through a house of sticks and plead mightily with a statue to sing us just one song to no avail.  

Wednesday evening was an entirely different story though.  Mom, Sarah, Melissa & I saw Glee at the Target Center.  Yes, these pictures are horrible, but we were there and experienced the show in all of its smile 'til your cheeks ache, loud enough to make your ears ring for hours after glory.  Yes, I am a Gleek!

Channing found himself in Duluth for a few days of playtime with Auntie Melissa, Cousin Andrew, Grandma & Papa.  Lucky boy.  He delighted in chasing Andrew around the yard and through a fountain in Canal Park.  Andrew showed him the finer points of throwing rocks into Lake Superior and pulled Channing in the wagon as he pedaled his tractor up and down the driveway.  Melissa gave both of the boys squirt guns to play with.  Poor Papa wasn't quite ready for Channing's sneak attack.  Grandma was though, choosing to stay safely inside the house until the water fight was over.  She came out with a tray of tasty treats, and toy guns were traded for marshmallow toasting forks. Time for s'mores!! Mmmm...

'I got you, Papa!!'

While WC was in Duluth, WM was in Cincinnati.  There is no photographic evidence; however, he did attend the Elder Alumni Golf Tournament and THE wedding of the West Side (congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs Joe Lind!!) as well as take time to catch up with old friends and family alike.  

For me, the lure of Graeters Blackberry Chip was strong, but not strong enough to pull me away from Girls' Weekend 2011.  Into the north woods I went along with the rest of the Carlton/Flynn women.  Well, plus one.  Melissa & Jeff's newest addition, Theo, joined in too.  

Gift buckets of goodies that were bestowed upon each GW11 attendee.

The wedding 'cake' Kathy made for Friday night's dinner.

Kelly designed these adorable t-shirts for all of us to wear.

This year, we did it up Wedding Style in honor of Joe & Cassie's upcoming nuptials.  Kelly, the 'Food Stalker', and I, the 'Blog Gawker', pulled out all the stops to welcome Cassie into the family.  It isn't easy putting together an event of this magnitude with hundreds of miles between the party planners.  Many times, one or the other of us would lament that it didn't seem to be coming together.  It did.  

Cassie only took off her veil to sleep and to run 9 miles on Saturday morning.  

Kelly slaved over these sandwich picks.  Adorable, aren't they?

Fruit salad in a waffle cone.  Delish!!

S'mores pops-yet another idea by Food Stalker!!

Thank you, lovely ladies, for a wonderful and memorable weekend.   

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The Bruns Girls said...

Why I dare say Mrs. Flynn that it looks like you have joined the ranks of the uber-super professional bloggers. Looking sharp!