June 7, 2011

On the home front

We're coming down the final stretch with regard to our new house on Inglewood Avenue.  Yep, the red one.  I've said that more than a few times in recent weeks, my heart swelling with pride and my posture straightening a little each time.  

The cabinets and trim are in.  The laminate and vinyl floors have been installed.  Last week, brought kitchen and bathroom countertops, plumbing & light fixtures as well as the mantle for the fireplace.  The appliances were put in place too.  

Channing discovered the patio doors now have screens on them and that a curious deer decided to peek in the windows.  

By the look of our current dining room's table, you'd never know we're moving in a couple weeks.  The sewing machine made its way out of the closet and onto one end several weeks ago.  Multiple projects have been completed with more on the 'to do' list, including drapes and curtains for our new digs.  Today, while Channing took his afternoon nap, I whipped up something quick for Kelly's birthday gift.  Sorry, no pictures of it as it would spoil her surprise.  As long as I was in a crafty sort of mood, I found this tutorial here and with some fabric scraps and a couple of these that I just happened to have on hand, I dolled up an old pair of flip flops.  Best part is that the revamp took all of 20 minutes.  I feel an urge to make more.  LOTS more.  Don't be surprised if by summer's end, I've made an entire garden of fabric flowers.  

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Nellie Dee said...

Looks like it will be very nice, Holly. It was so good to see you this weekend.