June 14, 2011

Beat the Heat

Summer heat has been a fickle friend as of late. I am not complaining. Definitely not. I would take these cool-ish days anytime. I adore not being weighed down by oppressive humidity. My deck chair is pulled right into a prime sunny spot on the days Channing plays in his splash table, rather than having to make a hasty retreat to a shady corner.

Last Tuesday though...oh my!  The temperature soared to over 100 degrees!!  Post-nap, Channing and I made a mad dash to Flynn's to join Kelly, Anderson and Kathy for a dip in the pool.  Anderson wasn't quite sure what to make of the red and yellow plastic slide.  Channing couldn't get enough of it though.  Every time he was told it was Anderson's turn, he'd ask, 'Last one?, quickly adding, 'Me show Annasson how a do it.'  How can you deny him another trip down the slide when he's being oh so considerate of his little cousin?

After a quick dinner, we gathered on the deck for bubbles and popsicles.  At first it was hard to tell which made a stickier mess, the bubbles or the popsicles.  In the end, popsicles won hands down.

Wednesday, we met up with Molly and Donovan at one of Burnsville's many city parks. This one happened to have a man-made creek running right through it. There were waterfalls to climb, fountains to dance in, wading pools to run through...you get the gist, no doubt. We'd packed a picnic lunch and claimed a grassy spot in the dappled shade of a tree or two.  The little ones were torn between the adventure of eating on a blanket outdoors and the lure of the water mere steps away. 

We savored these moments alternately snacking and splashing until Channing started making waterworks of his own. After hugging cousins goodbye and making promises to do it again soon, we headed for home and a much needed nap.

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