June 20, 2011

Two hundred seventy-nine

Two hundred seventy-nine.  That's the number of photos I took in one weekend at the cabin.  One weekend, spent mostly at the cabin, with a little extra stretch to the north to take in the end of the Gary Bjorklund Half-Marathon in Duluth, of which I took ZERO photos.  None.  Not a one.  

I sat down with intentions of a fabulous, detail-filled post of all things that make up a cabin weekend.  It isn't coming.  Sometimes it just doesn't.  The words get stuck and don't want to flow from rapidly typing fingertips no matter how hard I will them to.

So I will share with you my new favorite photo of Channing, taken at the end of his stay in Duluth.  It was the evening before we returned home, he was swinging on the old swing set.  In my day, it was right-smack in the middle of the backyard.  Now, it's tucked back by the shed, which with the dappled, green light of the evening hours, made for just the right shot.  This kid is so cute, I could eat him.  Seriously.  

See those cheeks??  De-lishious! 

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