June 21, 2011

Cabin Life

As mentioned in the previous post, we traveled north this past weekend to partake in the pleasures of Horseshoe as well as cheer on Joe & Cassie as they participated in the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon as part of the Grandma's Marathon festivities in Duluth. 

Along with Aunt Kris and Grandma Kathy, we met my folks in Canal Park, much to Channing's delight.  For the runners, racing conditions were ideal-cool and cloudy with a wind at their back.  They managed to shave 26 minutes off last year's time.  Congrats!

Both before and after our Duluth adventure, we did what all good cabin-going folk do.  We fished.  

We played on the beach and in the water.  

We went for boat rides.  

We played yard games.  

We picked our nose.  

What?  Yes.  Take a close look at Baby Theo's picture.  Hilarious, isn't it?  

To sum it all up, we had ourselves a grand old time.   

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