June 21, 2011

Guest post by Channing

I caught a really, really, giant, giant fish.  I had Ava's [fishing pole].  I threw it in and caught a fish.  I reel it in.  All a sudden I caught a fish!  A big, giant, giant fish!!  Daddy a told me, 'Nice!  Nice!!'  Daddy put a finger in it and got all salty.

And there you have it, in Channing's own words, the story of how he caught his very first fish.  It was at once exciting and scary.  He was amazed when his bobber dipped below the water's surface and at how his pole bent at the end as he fought his fish to the surface.  He was crying and yelling, 'me no like it!' as Michael took it off the hook.  He wanted nothing to do with it and even less to do with having his picture taken next to it until someone told him, 'say cheese.'  He was suddenly very cooperative and all smiles.  

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Nellie Dee said...

Ha. That is a great story, Channing. It still looks like you are not very happy. Thanks for sharing the first fish tale.