June 30, 2011

It's The Red One

We're on day three here on Inglewood Avenue.  Yes, we've finally moved into our new home.  The sea of boxes and discarded packing papers and piles of 'just put it over there for now' can be a little overwhelming at times.  It won't be long though, and we'll have it sorted out.  Well, mostly sorted out.  Our lovely PODS unit will return on Saturday.  (Uh Kell...I'm still waiting for that t-shirt.  [wink.  wink.])  I'll spare you the tale of the PODS drama.  Believe me, you're better off for it.  

This little guy is slowly adjusting.  He was quite adamant yesterday that he wanted to go home so he could watch cartoons while eating his eggs.  He was somewhat placated by Cars on the Mac.  Somewhat.  

This morning, I realized his clothes still have not surfaced.  This was the best we could do for an outfit, a onesie and a necktie.  At least he's having fun snapping the end of the tie, laughing when it gets him in the nose.  

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