July 2, 2011

Me a big helper

Me a big helper.  It's a phrase I hear a lot.  Perhaps, I should restate that.  It's a phrase I hear A LOT.  It's a good thing too.  We've had our fair share of, 'could you lend me a hand with...' as we continue to settle into our new house.  

WC helped put together a media cabinet from IKEA yesterday.  The cabinet is nothing special. Yet.  I have plans for it.  In the meantime, it is plain and white and rather boring.  However, it was lovingly and painstakingly put together by WM, my mom, my dad and my big helper.  And, as all work and no play makes Channing a dull boy, the boys found a way to take a break in a most creative way.  

Underneath this house is a very spacious crawl space.  To facilitate the placement of seasonal items, luggage and those things we're not quite ready to part with yet but know we should, WM picked up two sleds at Menards.  He'd place a box on one sled, slide himself onto the other and then wheel the items to be stored into their allotted corner.  It saves his knees and back from a whole lot of aching.  

Just when I'd grown accustomed to the sound of wheels on concrete and the occasional thud from down below, I heard them.  Little boy giggles.  Big boy belly laughs.  All punctuated by the sound of wheels on concrete.  Grabbing my camera, I went to investigate and found this:

It looked too fun not to get in on the action.  I can see this turning into a rainy day or winter's day activity for the Flynn Family, 'roller skating,' as Channing calls it, in the cave.  

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