July 4, 2011


As I clicked the 'new post' button tonight, I happened to notice the current post count at 49, making this my 50th post.  It comes without hoopla or fanfare.  It just is, and I rather like it.  No pressure to write just the right thing.  I can just prattle on about whatever it is that is floating around in my head and that's that.  

So, with no further ado...

Saturday, mid-day, there was a sharp and persistent knock at the front door.  We all paused and looked at one another as we were neither expecting nor prepared for house guests.  The door was opened and much to our delight, Kendra & Libby were standing on the other side.  While they would have been invited in regardless, they came bearing gifts-sunflowers, chocolate chunk cookies and a hopscotch sprinkler.  

All hope of hemming the living room drapes was quickly abandoned.  My poor mother forged on alone.  (Thanks Mom!!)  We excitedly chittered and chattered as Libby sang songs from Annie and carefully inspected Channing's toy collection.  Everyone dug into the cookies.  No one had to be asked twice.  Just as the girls were saying their goodbyes, Channing woke from his nap.

The hose was hooked up to the sprinkler lickety-split and little bodies wiggled into swimming suits.  They splashed to a chorus of, 'watch me!', 'I got you' and squeals of delight until the Bruns Girls had to excuse themselves for a second time.  There were promises to do it again soon.  We will.  We definitely will.  

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Sarah said...

When can Auntie Sarah try it out??