July 14, 2011

Following through

Today, I followed through on a promise I made to myself well before Channing and Sophie came to be.  I vowed to be the mom that says 'do' more than she says 'don't'.  It's OK to be silly.  It's OK to get dirty.  Messes are just messes and can be cleaned up.  Unconventional means can have the most rewarding ends.

Take for example, our make shift ball pit.  Aunt Kris purchased a bag-o-balls for activities at the Carlton Family reunion that took place at the cabin last summer.  Months later, Channing discovered this treasure trove in the main floor bedroom closet.  Before the first syllable of 'me want...' was out of his mouth, the bag was unzipped and the balls were dumped into the bath tub.  We spent the better part of an hour, laughing until our sides ached.  Even little, bitty Sophie got in on the action.  (Sorry for the poor quality of the cell phone pictures.)

There was the time we allowed Channing to stand on the dining room table while making his first batch of chocolate chip cookies.  WM & I supervised.  Flour bloomed in the air like clouds. Chocolate was melted in hot little hands.  More dough was eaten than was made into cookies.  Our cheeks ached from laughter rather than from the taste of sweet, sweet sugar.  

Today was no exception to the do rather than don't rule.  Do jump in the puddles.  Do get stuck in the mud.  Do throw rocks at the dirt pile.  Do shoot your mommy with the bubble gun.  Enjoy every second of it.  I am.   

I am drinking up these moments, filling my cup over and over again until it overflows with love and with laughter. 

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Nellie Dee said...

That brings tears to my eyes and heart. I love the flour on the feet. We've been thinking of you all this week and especially today we want you to know that we are sending you hugs and loves as we remember Sophie with you. Love you.