July 21, 2011

Daily Dose

Around here, it isn't just about making we get enough calcium or vitamin C.  Nope.  At the Flynn's, a day just wouldn't be a day without a daily dose of bull dozers, excavators, bobcat's and the like.  The dull roar starts promptly at 7.  By 7:17, Channing is out of bed, running from room to room, peering out each window and straining to get the best possible view.  If our construction supervisor happens to be at our end of the neighborhood, the excitement doubles.  'Look Mom!  There's my Chad!!'  

Yesterday, we took it outside and went a little nuts.  Once the sprinklers were appropriately positioned on the new sod, we settled on the front porch to watch the show.  They're grading the yards of our three closest neighbors all at once.  It makes for non-stop action by every piece of large equipment they've got.  

Channing loves it.  Absolutely loves it.  Loves it even better when watching in his pajamas and eating popsicles for breakfast.  

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Anonymous said...

What a fun morning! Anderson is jealous of Channing's front porch view of "Bull, Bull, Bull" as he calls bulldozers. Love you guys!