July 29, 2011

We interrupt this oppressive heat and humidity

Tuesday was the idyllic sort of day that makes you remember that you actually do like summer.  The temperature was in the mid-eighties.  The humidity was less than 50%.  When the air moved, it rustled the leaves just enough for them to peacefully sigh, and the grass invited you to lay down, stay awhile and watch a stray cloud or two float by.  It was bliss. 

We gathered in pairs, Kris, Jan, Walt, Kathy, Jeff, Melissa, Michael & I, at the Afton City Docks promptly at 5:15 for a much-anticipated trip both up river and down aboard the Hubbard family’s pleasure yacht.  Aunt Kris treated us all to a taste of how the other half live after bidding on and winning the outing at the Celebration of Courage last fall.  Pleasure is the key word here.  We were wined and dined as the shoreline glided by, enjoying appetizers and drinks on the bow of the boat before being gently nudged indoors by our gracious hostess for an outstanding meal. 

Tina and Matt served beef tenderloin with a mushroom and red wine reduction, steamed asparagus, roasted white and blue potatoes, Caesar salad, French bread and key lime pie, while Frank kept a watchful eye on river traffic.  Each bite of our meal melted in your mouth, causing your taste buds to sing a loud and resounding, ‘laaaaaaaaaa.’ 

Truthfully, the whole experience did.  That single beautiful note resonating through your whole body making your spirits soar, a fitting experience aboard a boat named Summer Song.

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