August 12, 2011


It's official.  The Ward-Flynn wedding weekend has begun.  We're taking an extra day to get the out-of-towners settled at their hotel.  For the little ones, that meant an evening splashing in the pool.  OK.  Some of the bigger ones splashed right along with them.  

Little Evelyn is like a fish.  She LOVES the water.  

Anderson??  Well, not so much. 

Channing was, of course, in the thick of it.  In the pool and out again.  In the hot tub and out again.  Watch me!  Do [this]!  

Their antics were enjoyed by all until toes turned to raisins and bathing suits were exchanged for pajamas.  

Channing's first words when he got up this morning?  'Me go to the pool now!' as he opened the door and set off to find it.  

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