August 23, 2011

Wedded Bliss

The happy couple has honeymooned and returned yet this blog has yet to give mention of the happy day or share any photos.  (Please accept my sincere apologies.  There have been a few technical difficulties as of late.) Without further ado, I present to you Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Flynn:  

That's my version of them anyway. I was in charge of making the cake topper.  Let's just say, putting a tux and a wedding gown on a wooden clothes pin is not the easiest task.  

Channing had so much fun at the wedding, he woke up the following morning and asked, 'Me go a Joey and Cassie's wedding again today?'  To say he had fun is an understatement.  That kid, with a little help from his sidekick Anderson, stole the show.  

The rest of us may have had a little fun too.  

To Joe & Cassie, I hope your marriage is modern enough to endure today's challenges yet timeless enough to last forever.  Congratulations.

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Melissa Hall said...

The wedding was fabulous! I think I see me doing a hazy dance behind the bubbles :)