August 5, 2011


We discovered a bit of a hidden treasure close to our new home.  Found it one night on our way to Target.  WM was just cruising along when I suddenly broke through Channing's chatter with a plea to 'just indulge me and take a right turn here'.  I said it as we were half way through the intersection.  WM made the turn without hesitation.  Up a slight rise, down a long, slope of a hill with a slight curve at the bottom and we found ourselves spit out into a lovely, lovely looking park.  A ball field.  A picnic shelter complete with a large stone fireplace.  A playground with equipment suited to people Channing's size and age.  Beautiful gardens.  It was all there. Bedtime was nearly upon us and we still had that Target run to make.  We left as quickly as we arrived making promises to return soon.

Soon arrived today.  Early.  Let me repeat that.  EARLY.  Despite being up for several hours in the night, Channing was standing in the doorway, undressing himself and declaring, 'Me need a shower now.  Get up mom.' closer to 6:00 than 6:30.  [groan]  We were showered, dressed and out the door shortly after 7, a picnic breakfast in hand.

We were alone in the park on this beautiful summer morning.  The park benches, swings and slides were still very wet with dew.  It didn't stop Channing from climbing right into the mouth of a hippopotamus or navigating the 'rock' stairs.  When I suggested we see where the path goes, he took off like a shot, running ahead and excitedly exclaiming, 'Amazing!  It's amazing!' Not far into our adventure, we came to a bridge.  After peering down from above, we veered off the path and found the perfect bend in the creek for skipping stones, wading and trying to catch minnows.  

We had a long 'to do' list this morning keeping our park visit short but sweet.  We've vowed to come back again though.  Soon.  

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