August 6, 2011

Two Thumbs Up

Before the last kernel popped or the popcorn was generously buttered and salted, Channing gave tonight's special treat a definitive two thumbs up.  About six times, that is.  As the machine whirred to a start, he declared, 'This is so exciting.'  He wasn't disappointed.

Either was Grinchy.  He's graduated from being lugged around in the Baby Bjorn to being honored picnic party attendee.  He sat with perfect posture and manners on his designated pillow, eating the snack and wiping his little, green, furry hands on the napkin placed carefully on his lap.  

I sat back and smiled to myself as the party unfolded.  It actually started in the living room armchair, Channing timid as he first asked permission to eat somewhere other than at the dining room table and then asked again to sit in the chair.  That perch was soon abandoned for a pillow picnic on the floor, each guest on his or her assigned pillow.  As the snack progressed, the popcorn bowl migrated closer and closer to Channing until it was finally abandoned for the couch and Despicable Me on TV.  

Bedtime is drawing near, obvious by the glassy eyed look on Channing's face and the tired tilt to his head.  That being said, we wish you all the sweetest of dreams.  Good night.

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