September 20, 2011

Sew Lovely

It happened almost all at once.  One timid knock at our door announced the arrival of Melissa and Baby Theo.  Really, I don't think she could have balanced one more thing in her hands-a sewing machine and all its related necessities, Theo in his car seat, his diaper bag.  Is that it?  I don't know.  I didn't even say hello, just scolded her for not asking for a hand.  Funny because I know darn well had roles been reversed, I would have lugged all of that to the door on my own too.

Kathy, Kelli & Megan arrived in the middle.  I no longer recall in what order.  They brought their machines as well.  A sewing basket.  A purse that looked like a basket.  Five steaming cups of tasty goodness from Caribou Coffee.  Pumpkin latte anyone?

Ellen, not having been to 'the red house on the left,' was the last to arrive.  Mapquest, Google Maps and the like do not yet know our location.  That's OK though.  I talked her in through the last few blocks via cellphone and at last our group was assembled.  Sewing Club.  (Since a GPS cannot find our location on a map, does that make our club super secret?)

Month one.  Aprons.  In roughly three hours, five determined women with all levels of sewing ability whipped up as many aprons.  The tutorial we followed can be found here.  Theo napped & awoke as happy as ever while Channing & Megan entertained themselves with only a few reminders of 'please share' and 'no pushing' or 'there are enough for you to each have one.'

Can't wait to see what our next meeting brings.  We'll be taking turns choosing the project and bringing the treat.  You know we can't get together without involving food.  I made not one but two apple crisps for our first meeting.  WM, WC & I ate a mini one last night just to make sure the crisp was Sewing Club worthy.  It was.

Darling, aren't they?  
Or should I say 'sew cute!'?  

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