September 18, 2011

Olive You Too Much

Don't you just hate it when you take a bite of pizza and all the toppings slide right off the top?  

Channing had never experienced it before as until last night, his pizza was always cut into bite-sized pieces.  For the first time, he insisted on eating his pizza like a big, tough guy.  

He did well, eating not one...No, not two...But EIGHT pieces of pizza.  He started with his favorite green and black olive pizza taking monster-sized bites and declaring each one better than the last.  Then he needed a little sweet to balance his salt.  Three pieces of apple strudel dessert pizza later, he switched back to olive.  

The kid loves olives.  There are days where he begs and begs and begs for olives.  If he spies them in the pantry while picking out his breakfast cereal, then that's what he has-cereal with a side of olives.  Makes no difference which kind either, black or green or Spanish or Katamala.  He does not discriminate when it comes to olives.  Ever.  I'll say it again, a side of olives for breakfast. Gross to you or to me, yes, but to him it is a special treat.  One that rewards me not with a mere, 'thank you,' but an '[Olive] you too much!!'

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Nellie Dee said...

Apple strudel dessert pizza? Where does one get that? (OH. You probably made it.)