September 17, 2011


The warm, crackling fire aside, last night left us all feeling warm and toasty.  It's been fall-ish around here this week.  The furnace has been turned on to ward off the morning chill.  A new wreath has joined the fall floral display gracing the front entry.  With daytime temps in the mid-50s, summer has definitely bid us a fond farewell.

This was Friday's nap time activity for me.  

Late-fall birthdays for little ones can be difficult.  It is often too early for winter related outdoor toys, sleds and the like.  Similarly, it is too late for summer toys.  That season has definitely passed us by.  When Channing recently and quickly took to riding his already too small but with pedals tricycle, it was easy to justify the purchase of a big guy bike with training wheels.  Why not get it now when he has the rest of September and most of October to enjoy it, rather than wait until his birthday when it would sit, all boxed up, in the garage until spring.  

 Channing and I had just finished the bike assembly when WM rolled into the driveway, done with yet another long but rewarding week at work.  (Yes, that sounds cheesy, but he really and truly does like his job.  Really.)  He helped us make a few minor adjustments.  Yes, I'd put on the training wheels, but I'd neglected to adjust the height so the back tire actually touched the ground when Channing pedaled.  

Helmet donned, Channing was off, floating like a Cadillac and stinging like a Beemer (watch Cars much anyone?), as he cruised up and down the sidewalk in front of our house.  WM was not far behind.  Channing had yet to master the brakes on the new bike and occasionally got 'stuck' when he tried to pedal backwards.  It was a little frustrating for him at first.  Despite that, he was almost all smiles.

With the evening air getting cooler and cooler, the portable fire pit was pulled out of the garage.  A warming up spot was established in the middle of our driveway.  WM poked his head in the front door as I was putting dinner on the stove.  Any chance we could have our dinner outdoors?  Absolutely!  Fresh air was not on the original ingredient list for my chicken and dumpling recipe, but it certainly was the one that made it taste a little better than usual.

Ha.  We were pretending to be, as Channing puts it, 'all shivery.'

Our neighbors, Jim, Kelli & Megan, arrived home as we were indulging in our last bites.  Channing excitedly yelled to them, 'Do you want a marshmallow with me?'  They hastily added extra layers of clothing and joined us.  They stayed just long enough for a marshmallow or two, Megan's bedtime calling them home once more.  

We lingered, enjoying our evening as darkness wrapped around us like a thick, cozy blanket.   It was thoroughly enjoyable, this bike build turned picnic turned marshmallow roast.  When we finally turned off the light and kissed each other goodnight, we agreed.  It was a bliss-filled evening, one that left us satisfied.  Our bellies and our hearts were full.  

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