September 16, 2011

Fancy Good

Yesterday was both a first and a second for this mama.  It was the first time in a year plus of spending time together that Kendra and I had a mama date.  We left the kiddies at home and got into a little mischief of our own.  In my excitement and delight I did a poor job of photo documentation.  It likely had much to do with our destination.  Dun. Dun. Dun. The Junk Bonanza!! 

Junk Bonanza

It's been two years since Sarah and I attended.  If you like well-used, vintage and repurposed  or if you like to do the repurposing yourself, this is one sale you do not want to miss.  With the throngs of people and the multitude of sights, it was easy to get caught up in the wave and pushed along.  It took a booth or two, but we found our footing and formulated our plan.  After that, there was only one panicked phone call, 'Kendra!!  Where are you??'  Turns out the lure of vintage kids toys was too much.  While Kendra picked out a tin top for her 'someday' plan, I'd gotten not one but three booths ahead.  

This was the cutest booth EVER!!  I must find an excuse to make an outdoor canopy with a patchwork ruffle.  Seriously!

These would have been amazing on our dining room buffet (aside from the fact that
it has yet to arrive).  However, they weighted a TON.  I ended up passing them by.  I may regret it.
This fabulous display gives new meaning to the words clock tower.  
We each left the event with a few new items in tow.  My favorite purchase?  An oversized chalkboard.  Channing would whole-heartedly agree.  I wiped it down and in no time he'd found the sidewalk chalk from the front hall closet and was happily creating some, as he put it, 'fancy good art wert'.  

If you're questioning my taste due to the sheet music on the frame, don't worry.  It will be
painted over or covered over with fabric or ribbon or...
Can I just say that the giddy bubbles up in me, effervescing until it overflows each time he comes up with one of these cute little Channing-isms or mis-pronounces a word.  Art wert.  He tried in earnest to say them correctly.  They just don't come out quite right to someone still so new to speech.  Endearing.  So incredibly endearing.

Back to the art wert.

He chittered.  He chattered.  All the while he drew with his chalk.  Red.  Pink.  Yellow.  Blue.  He wrote his name.  He wrote my name.  He drew his new favorite toy, his blue balloon.  He lined up the chalk pieces one by one, the row changing from art materials to a xylophone.  There was a brief concert.  Very brief.  Apparently, I wasn't singing loud enough for his liking.  Finally, he stepped back declaring it not just good, but fancy good.  

And with a resounding, 'Ta-Da!!!!!!!!!!!' art time was over.

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