September 14, 2011

Kick! Kick!! Paddle! Paddle!!

Week Two of Channing's swimming lessons has already come and gone.  Week One, he was a little unsure of himself.  There were several new faces, new rules to follow and new skills to learn.  Our normally pool-savvy son wanted little to do with getting into the water when class began.  While he's a fiend at blowing bubbles in the bath tub, during last week's lesson he responded to his teacher's request with a very loud and whiney, 'Me can't!'  

This week, he sang a different tune.  He was trying to get into the pool even before Ms. Sue set the platforms in place.  He wanted to be first at everything-first to use the dumbbell and practice kicking, first to put his face in and blow those bubbles like an old pro, first to climb onto the kicking mat and first to jump into the deep end.  

Poor guy!  Unsuspecting Channing went under during his first jump.  He was carefully dunked by Ms. Sue as he hit the water.  It took him a minute or so, but he eventually forgave her and was ready to go for not one but two more jumps.

At the end of class, instead of hanging back hesitantly near the water's edge, he played 'follow me' in the fountains and independently worked on his leg kicks, his facial expression alternating between a big grin and a look of fierce determination.  

Kick!  Kick!!  Paddle!  Paddle!! little buddy.  In no time, you'll be swimming laps around mommy & daddy.  

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