September 8, 2011

These Eyes

OK.  So these have just a little too much google factor for me to really, really like them.

However, these eyes...

These eyes have IT.  There is something about them that makes me lose my senses at times causing my normally rational mom brain to turn to mush.  It isn't a multiple times a day sort of thing.  Nope, not even an every other day sort of thing, but there are times when the little voice associated with these eyes politely asks for [insert any random almost three-year-old desire here] and I, without even the slightest hesitation, say 'yes.'  It's like some sort of reflex that I was born with.   

It's alright.  This impulsivity gives way to moments like this:

and this:

And fills my heart with a love so sweet I can taste it.  Yum!  

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