October 14, 2011

Catch Up

It's time to bring you all up to speed.  Posts have been started and stored and started and stored. I have no less than five draft posts hidden on the back pages of Fresh Picked.  The thing is, we've been busy.  Frantically busy, but in the best of ways.  

This mama has been stretching her creative wings yet again.  There was another fall wreath.  Newer.  Brighter.  Highly improved and perhaps a bit spooky in anticipation of Halloween.  However, the idea of using a pool noodle and duct tape to make the form.... Not the best.  The wreath looks more like a coma now and has been tossed in the closet until there is time to find a way to make it round once more.  Suggestions anyone??

Slippers.  Mary introduced me to ithinksew.  For $3 I downloaded the pattern for these:

Don't my feet look sweet?  Love them!

There are two super secret birthday projects that will have to be revealed at a later date.  Let's just say, I am proud enough of these to toot my own horn.  Loudly.  Very loudly.  They rock.  I'm so excited to give them to the recipients.  Anderson.  Megan.  Get ready!

Play dates.  Three have been photographed.  There have been more.  The kind where smiles abound, laughter rings out and hearts feel light when all is said and done.  

Kelli sent a quick text to the effect of-park:  5 minutes.  Let's go.  We went.  

Kendra, Libby, Channing & I made good on last fall's promise of a trip to the apple orchard.  It took a year, but was worth the wait.  We came home with a half peck of apples that quickly found their way into an apple crisp.  Channing tried adding raspberries, blueberries and strawberries too.  I'm an apple crisp purist.  No berries, please and thank you.  

More recently, Mary, Collin, Kiera & I braved the threat of rain for a wet morning in the park.  Mary and I delighted in the antics of Monkey See, Collin, and Monkey Do, Channing.  Kiera thought the boys were pretty amusing too.

It's been a little crazy.  It's been a little nuts.  But only in the best of ways.  Tonight, we've a daddy date on tap.  Not sure of the exact plan.  It will involve my two best guys, the ones I'm so proud to call husband and son.  

Happy Friday to you all.  Mine certainly is.  

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Mama & Me said...

Auntie Holly,
Some crafts stores have foam circles for wreaths. Would it be possible to slide the fabric off of the one you made and onto a new form (steering wheel cover style)?
We miss you and love you VERY MUCH!

-Andrew (and Mys)