October 8, 2011


Fall is not doing well to make its presence known.  Timid, it sighs rather than coming right out with a friendly, 'Hello.'  The seasonal bully, Summer, is still pushing everybody around with weeks of bright, hot sunshine.  Yes, hot.  

While I'm longing to pull on jeans with my favorite argyle sweater and a pair of wooly socks, Channing is handing me his swimming trunks, asking, 'Which shirt goes?' and pretending he's discovering sea monsters while scuba diving in our backyard.  Did you know such fearsome beasts could be found at the bottom of a Rubbermaid tote?  

It makes a little guy hesitate just a bit before putting his toes all the way to the very, very bottom.

 And requires an extra rinse to get the monster germs off once the expedition is over.

1 comment:

Nellie Dee said...

I want to know how you get Channing to pose long enough for you to take the picture. :-)